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A U.P. adventure On The Road

By Michael Selden posted 11-13-2018 13:07


While there are many great things about serving on the MTA staff, one of the often-overlooked perks is the opportunity to travel the state and see some of the many amazing places Michigan has to offer. This has never been truer than my latest adventures through the beautiful Upper Peninsula for our MTA On the Road regional meetings.

Yes, it’s a long drive from Lansing to Houghton, but leaving early in the morning still allowed some time to stop and enjoy some of the beautiful (and unusual!) sights that the U.P. has to offer. To break up the drive, my partner-in-crime for the trip, MTA Partner Development Manager Ashley Maher, and I decided to brave the rain and mapped a few stops to hit on our way to Copper Country.

Our first stop was breakfast near Wawatam Township Hall (Emmet Co.). Traveling through the state is a nice reminder that townships—and township halls—come in all shapes and sizes. After a quick stop at the still-mysterious Mystery Spot (just over the Mackinac Bridge near St. Ignace), we headed north and west to view the magnificence of Tahquamenon Falls, which, with so much rain, were raging at full force.

During our four-day U.P. journey—which also included stops in Harris and Brimley—we were prepared with 250 conversation-starters to pass the time, conversation (which included wondering if we would finally see the ever-elusive U.P. Bigfoot). But when you looked out the window through the rain and fog and saw the colors on the trees and the waves on the Great Lakes, we couldn’t help but be in awe of all the breathtaking beauty that the State of Michigan has to offer.